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If you’re in the business of engaging in some online gambling from New Zealand you’re in luck. If you’re after some free extra chips, we might have just made your day. As new online casinos continue popping up, we’re taking a look at the options available and particularly the ones with a little extra on the side.

Before we launch into the what, where, and hows, let us first introduce ourselves. At Freespins we are a small team of avid gamblers looking to share our findings with the world. In this specialized series we’ve created, we’re focusing solely on our friends in New Zealand, finding the best online casinos for you to tap into, and the most exciting bonuses accessible.

If you find a casino listed across our website you can rest assured that we’ve tried, tested, vetted and enjoyed the platform for all it has to offer.

In this particular guide on free extra chips New Zealand, we’re not only dishing on the top casinos offering these gems but also taking a look at everything else you might need to know when heading into the fun zone. These guides are particularly aimed at new players, whether to the industry or just the online realm, assisting you to navigate the online gambling industry with confidence and ease.

In this piece we’re going to run you through the following topics giving you everything you might need to know from strategies to what to look out for in the terms and conditions:

  • The best free online casinos for free extra chips New Zealand
  • What does free extra chips mean?
  • Why should I play at one of these online casinos dishing out free extra chips New Zealand?
  • How do free extra chips at online casinos work?
  • The pros and cons of getting free extra chips at online casinos
  • Best strategies to navigate free extra chips at online casinos
  • How to take note of an online casinos terms and conditions
  • The top New Zealand online casinos FAQs


Casino Bonus
All slots casino 50 free spins on Goldens Titans
Ruby Fortune 30 free spins on Mahiki Island
Spin Casino 50 free spins on Farm & Spin
Jackpot City 50 free spins on Boom Galaxy


25 free

Over the last several years casinos around the world have consistently been launching, saturating the industry with options to play at. While spoiling players with options when it comes to where to play, they’ve also discovered that they need the most enticing bonuses or promotions to reel the players in.

Hence, free extra chips. These added incentives are created to lure players onto the platform – and we mean that in the best way – giving them the opportunity to win extra money which can be used on more games or withdrawn to be spent in the real world.

So what do these extra chips mean exactly? They might represent free chips to be used at table games, on the poker games offered at a particular casino, or perhaps in the form of free spins that can be used to the player’s enjoyment at the slot machine games. These are all bonuses given to you as the player for free, or as an added bonus when making a deposit.

Typically added to your account, you’ll note the free extra chips credited to your balance. Some of these bonuses might come with rules, so it is best to read the platform’s terms and conditions to understand the full extent of how you can use the freebies.

Some might stipulate that you can only play them on certain games, while others might come with cash out limits for when you’re looking to withdrawal your winnings or an expiry date. We’ll cover more on this later when we get to the terms and conditions section.

These free chips are handed out to both players on the platform as well as new players providing a chance for them to test out the platform and enjoy all there is on offer. Free chips can also be dished out as a token of appreciation to high rollers and frequent players, in an effort to reward and thank the players for sticking around.


Well, the choice is really only up to you. If the casino looks reputable, the game selection enjoyable and the free extra chips enticing – then we’d say get in! On the other hand, just because an online gambling platform is handing out free chips does not mean you need to dive in and take advantage of them.

We’d highly recommend taking a look at what the platform has on offer, where they are licenced from, and what other players have experienced there through various reviews. It’s safe to say that if you heard about it through us, you’re good to go.

All the casinos listed on Freespins have been through rigorous testing phases between the team. As each player has their favourite games, styles and tastes when it comes to online gambling platforms, we like to put them all to the test and ensure that they’re enjoyed all around the board. You can expect to find some great bonuses, gaming experiences, game selections and more waiting for you beyond the links listed above.

In this piece, we’ll cover a section on the pros and cons below, however, before we dive into those we’re going to take a look at several advantages that taking advantage of free extra chips might bring.

Well, why wouldn’t you want to win real money at a fine online gambling establishment? The answer is obviously that you do. But to enlighten you on some of the benefits of playing at a free online casino we’ll continue on. Below are four great reasons to play at the online casinos that we’ve mentioned above:

  • You can use the extra chips, make big wins and withdraw your winnings.
  • These online platforms all accept players from New Zealand and relevant payment methods, allowing you to take advantage of these offers without having to worry about whether your country is accepted.
  • Taking advantage of the free extra chips might unlock other exciting bonuses.
  • You can test out new games, new strategies or even new software providers for free with these extra chips.

But before you get ahead of yourself, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – always check what the terms and conditions are of any bonus that you accept. You don’t want to get caught blind sighted at the end when you’re trying to withdrawal your big win and failing. Before engaging in any bonus or promotions on any platform, make sure that you read the ts and cs that come along with them.


free cash

We mentioned above that these free extra chips might be dished out in a number of ways. Firstly, they could be used as a promotional means to attract new players and give them a chance to experience all the platform has on offer.

Alternatively, the free extra chips might be given to players that have been frequenting the online gambling platform for some time, acting as a loyalty bonus or a thank you from the platform.

Last but not least, these could be given to players already signed up on and playing on the online platform through a series of internal promotions. No matter how they were acquired, the concept remains the same: the player gets free chips, the player uses the free chips on the platform.

Typically, if you are not already signed up to the platform, you will need to create an account and possibly share some personal information (like your name and what country you are playing from). The platform will stipulate if there are any other requirements you need to perform before being able to access the free extra chips.

Should these come in the form of a loyalty bonus, the free chips will most likely be credited into your account with some form of communication explaining what was happening.

Lastly, should these be part of a promotion for internal players, the platform will explain the rules, what the player needs to do in order to redeem these chips, and then credit them directly to your account once the requirements have been met.


We promised above and we’re delivering. Here is a breakdown of all the pros and cons associated with redeeming an extra free chip or two from an online casino.

The PROS of getting free extra chips at online casinos New Zealand:

  • You get to enjoy all the platform has to offer, for free!
  • You can test out new games and strategies using the free chips
  • You can take advantage of exciting bonuses or promotions
  • The free chips could lead to big wins, which could equate to big withdrawals

The CONS of getting free extra chips at online casinos New Zealand:

  • You might need to make a deposit in order to redeem your free chip or two
  • You will most likely need to create an account where you will need to provide personal information.
  • You might be faced with cash out withdrawals on anything you win from a free chip.
  • If the chips come in the form of free spins there might be wagering requirements attached. Always check the wagering requirements before engaging in any casino offers.

Each platform will differ somewhat in how they manage their free chip, bonus codes, casino bonus and deposit bonus structure. It’s best to check in with the online casino’s terms and conditions to ensure that you don’t miss out on any free spins no deposit bonus code or deposit bonus associated with the casino bonuses.


You might have noticed that we’re big fans of reading the terms and conditions of all casino offers before engaging any free bonuses, welcome bonus, free no deposit bonus, etc. Understanding what rules are associated with the casino bonus codes are imperative to having a good time – you’d hate to make a big win only to find out there was a rule attached that you didn’t even realise you were breaking.

Here are a couple of items to look out for when reading at the platform’s terms and conditions:

  • Are there any other casino bonus codes you should know about?
  • Does the deposit casino bonus come with wagering requirements?
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount?
  • Is there a cash out limit attached to the deposit casino bonus?
  • Are there any country restrictions you should be aware of as a player from New Zealand?


You’ll need to check on the specific online casino to see if they have these on offer. Note that they might also be called casino bonus, deposit casino bonus, deposit bonuses, free spins, etc.

Yes, almost always! It’s best to check the specific online casino and make sure that the bonus is allowed to be used by someone from New Zealand.

You’ll need to check the platform’s bonus and promotions in order to work out what you’ll need to pay – if anything – to redeem your chips or free spins.

We covered some things to take note of when reading a platform’s terms and conditions, as outlined above. Below are the takeaway points:

  • Are there any other casino bonus codes you should know about?
  • Does the deposit casino bonus come with wagering requirements?
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount?
  • Is there a cashout limit attached to the deposit casino bonus?
  • Are there any country restrictions you should be aware of as a player from New Zealand?

That concludes our in-depth guide on everything you need to know about playing at free online casinos and winning real money in New Zealand.


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