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Looking for some seriously good online gambling games spewing our real money? Forget about casino credits and in-house tokens – in this piece we’re breaking down the best online slots paying our real money in casinos open to players from Australia. From the thrills to the gaming experience, to the cold hard cash (ok, all forms of cash), we’re covering it all – and so much more – in this insightful breakdown.

Before we dive into our highly vetted list of real money online slots, let us first introduce ourselves. Here at Freespins, we’re a small team of serious online gambling enthusiasts. Seriously.

While we all have our firm favourites, from card games to slot themes to progressive jackpots, we are all passionate about the online gamblings space. Whether helping new players navigate the scene, or introducing players to new casinos, or even pointing you in the right direction of a seriously great bonus – we love it all and we’re here for it.

Below you’ll find an overview of the content we’re delivering here, from the “what are” to the “what ifs”. We’re covering them all below and giving you the tools to navigate the online gambling scene with confidence. In this piece we’re dishing on the following topics:

  • The best online slots for real money in Australia
  • What does winning real money at an online casino actually mean?
  • Why should I play at one of these online slots in Australia?
  • How does winning real money at online casinos work?
  • The pros and cons of real money online casino games
  • How to take note of the best online slots’ terms and conditions
  • The best Australian online slots FAQs

Before reading any recommendations on this site you can be assured that each bonus, game and casino has been tried and tested by our team and has for one reason or another been deemed worthy of our recommendation. We don’t take this lightly. What are you waiting for? Dive into our list of the top slots you can play for real money below!


Casino Bonus
Jackpot Casino Grab 50 Free Spins on Egyption Gems slot
Royal Vegas Casino Claim 60 Free Spins on Classic Sevens 10 Free spins on Book of Cats.
Bitstarz Receive 20 Free Spins on sign up, no deposit required.
Spin Casino 50 Free Spins for you on Candy Palace One Daily Free Spin up to 1 BTC.


real money slots

Right, so you might be familiar with online slots but less so with the “real money” part. So what does winning “real money” actually mean? Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Winning real money doesn’t necessarily mean cold hard cash – the online casino isn’t going to be mailing you an envelope of cash – instead, it refers to earning dollars or cryptocurrencies instead of casino credits. Some casinos prefer to use a centralized token that can be bought and then used to play with, and then when players are ready to cash out their winnings, these tokens are traded in for real money.

The online slots that we’ve listed above don’t do that, and rather let their players play with their local currency from the get-go. Players will usually need to create an account, load it with their chosen currency, and can then go about playing all their favourite games knowing that any winnings will remain in the same form.

Yes, we included cryptocurrencies – these are real currencies too. Depending on the platform, the online casino might offer players the chance to deposit, play with and withdraw fiat currencies (like US dollars, Euros, Great British Pounds, etc.) as well as for cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or stablecoins like USD Coin or Tether).

While each casino might differ in the currencies on offer or the methods with which players can deposit and withdraw their payouts, these Australian online casino slots all allow their players to win – and withdraw – real money directly to their bank account or a digital wallet of their choosing.


win real money playing

This is not a complicated chapter – the answer is quite simple: you should play at them because you want to play at them.

Players looking to play with the real deal might have been previously burned by an online casino’s “in house” currency, or have lost out on winnings because they weren’t playing with real money. While these situations are few and far between, they’re simply ideas as to why one would want to ensure that they play with real money.

The online slots listed are listed there because they have passed our intensive vetting process. Before we begin we determined a set of criteria that these games need to meet – from great promotions to exciting in-game features to excellent gaming experiences to strong RTP rates. These games have all passed the test – and hopefully excelled in more than a few of these categories.

You’ll find a section covering the pros and cons of playing real money online slots a little later, however before we dive into those here is a taster of some of the advantages of playing these games.

Well, why wouldn’t you want to win real money at a fine online gambling establishment? The answer is obviously that you do. But to enlighten you on some of the benefits of playing at a free online casino we’ll continue on.

Here are four great reasons to play at the online slot games we’ve mentioned above:

  • You can deposit and then withdraw your real money winnings.
  • These online slots are all on gambling platforms that accept players from Australia and supported payment methods.
  • Playing at these online casinos might also unlock exciting bonuses.
  • You can play at these exciting online slots and walk away with your winnings, fair and square.

Now before you dive right in – it is always advised (strongly advised by our team here at Freespins) that you read through the online casino’s terms and conditions before you deposit any real money onto the platform. Be sure to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into so that you’re not left high and dry with no real money to show for your endeavours.


money playing online slots

As we mentioned earlier, when we refer to “real money” we’re not talking about cash in hand. Instead, we’re talking about money you can use outside in the real world. Money that you can use at any merchant, anywhere, anytime.

When playing with real money at an online casino you will need to first create an account on the platform and share any information requested (some might ask for your name, country and phone number for example). You will then need to select a supported currency on the platform that you would like to play with and deposit the funds necessary.

There are usually several payment options available, so be sure to pick the one most convenient to you and complete the necessary steps. These funds will then appear in your account/balance/wallet as soon as the money has cleared on the casino’s side.

It’s worth noting that typically cryptocurrencies clear much faster (for both deposits and withdrawals) than fiat currencies, so if you’re comfortable using them it is definitely a faster option!


Below we’ve listed several pros and cons to take in when deciding whether to use real money at online casino games. As with anything in life, there are ups and downs, and real money online casinos are no exception.

The PROS of using real money for online casinos games:

  • You know that the casino will pay out real money which you can immediately use once withdrawn.
  • You can be certain that any winnings you make will be paid directly into your traditional bank account or chosen payment service.
  • Playing with real money doesn’t mean that you need to forfeit exciting bonuses or promotions – you can have it all!

The CONS of using real money for online casino games:

  • You will need to make a deposit in order to withdraw any winnings (most of the time).
  • You will most likely need to share personal information when creating an account.
  • The casino will likely have a cashout limit on your real money withdrawals.

As is always the case, it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of the platform before depositing any real money. You’d hate to win a fortune only to realise you can’t withdraw it because you didn’t follow the rules properly (aka read the fine print).


We’ve mentioned it before and we’re going to mention it again – reading the terms and conditions of an online casino is an imperative step in your online gambling endeavours.

Don’t be fooled by exciting bonuses and flashing colours – each casino is entitled to create its own rules and regulations, and it is up to the player to ensure that they not only understand these rules but also follow them.

As you can probably guess, we’re strong believers in making yourself informed, so much so that we created an entire chapter on how to best navigate the terms and conditions of the online casino you choose to play at.

Below we’ll give you an idea of what to look out for, specific things to make yourself aware of, and generally help you navigate through the murky waters of terms and conditions. It is worth considering the terms and conditions to be a contract, and once you make that deposit you have entered into a contract with that particular platform.

Where to find the terms and conditions

You can generally find the terms and conditions in the footer menu of the home page of your chosen online casino. If the terms and conditions are specific to a game, you might find them on the game page, or if they’re specific to a particular bonus you might find them under the bonus on the promotions page.

In some cases they might also appear in the Help Section, should the website have one. If you truly cannot find the terms and conditions, move on! Red flag.

Here are a few things to look out for when reading at the platform’s terms and conditions:

  • Does the platform offer any bonuses and promotions that you would like to take advantage of?
  • Do these bonuses and promotions come with wagering requirements?
  • Do the promotions require a minimum deposit amount and are they specific to certain countries, currencies or payment options?
  • Do you like the payment options available and can you make a deposit and withdrawal using the same (your preferred) method?
  • Is there a cash-out limit?


You’ll first need to check on the particular casino platform, alternatively stick to our list above as we’ve done all the research you need on these ones! Finding where to play online slots for real money shouldn’t be too complicated.

Again, you’ll need to check on the specific platform. Thankfully, playing online slots for real money is not too difficult to find, so be sure to consult our list above to get in on the free spins action and win real money.

Definitely not! You can still take advantage of all the free spins action and win real money – no compromises necessary! Be sure to check the promotions and whether the free spins apply to the particular slot machines that you want to play. You can still get bonuses even when you play with real money.

You will need to check each individual platform to determine the deposit limits. As we mentioned above -reading the terms and conditions will be a great help here.

We covered some things above in our chapter on what to take note of when reading a gambling platform’s terms and conditions, here are the takeaway points:

  • Does the platform offer any bonuses and promotions that you would like to take advantage of?
  • Do these bonuses and promotions come with wagering requirements?
  • Do the promotions require a minimum deposit amount and are they specific to certain countries, currencies or payment options?
  • Do you like the payment options available and can you make a deposit and withdrawal using the same (your preferred) method?
  • Is there a cash-out limit?

That brings us to the end of our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about playing with real money at online casino slot games in Australia.


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