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Gambling itself is already fun, but it gets even better when the casinos you are playing at set out to offer you more. Bonuses and promotions are an important part of user satisfaction, it shows players that they are appreciated and allows you to earn even more. While any casino bonus is good enough, we want to highlight all the incredible free games you can claim on some of the best casinos available in New Zealand.

In this guide, we hope to supply you with everything you need to know about free spins and where to find them, going into greater detail about what they are, the pros and cons, as well as answer some frequently asked questions surrounding the topic.

At Free Spin Casinos, we are a team that wants nothing more than to educate and encourage you to ensure you have the best gaming and gambling experience out there. We have decided to feature a guide specifically for our players and readers from New Zealand. So let’s learn more about any free spin casino bonus.

What Are Free Spins?

While this may seem like a simple question, there is far more that goes into free games than just spinning for free. It is worth noting that a free spin is often referring to slot games, rather than dice or roulette. You can either win free games on slot games or claim your free spin via a casino no deposit bonus offer. Some casinos reward players free spins in their VIP programs, others award free spin casino players by bonus code, and many make it a part of their deposit or reload bonuses.

Whatever way you claim your free spins, FS means that when you spin your reels on slots, no cash will be deducted from your casino balance. The number of free games depends on the deposit bonus or bonus code terms and conditions, or the game’s rules. Whether you are a part of the new players or a novice, a free spin casino is an entertaining and rewarding experience.

How Do They Work?

As already explained, there are multiple ways you can receive free wins. When you are rewarded with free spins on games, the game will generally auto-spin until you run out of free spin credits.

When players are given free games by a casino for a holiday event or VIP program, there are generally no terms or conditions outside of which games you can play your spins. When claiming on free spins via a welcome bonus or casino bonus codes, you are given a wager amount and time before you can withdrawal your winnings on said free spins. The wager amount differs from casino to casino, but some even offer wager-free free spins promos.

In gaming play, free spins are automatically awarded to you and played. Gifted free games may be added to your account or provide a popup prompt to accept. A free spin promo may be awarded but only credited to your account when the wager has been met, or they may even award you free spinning so you can reach the wager requirements. Every casino is unique in its offerings.

Best Free Spins Bonus Code Casinos Of New Zealand 2021

Casino Bonus
Lucky Creek 55 Free Spins on 7 Chakras.
Black Lotus 50 Free Spins on Alpha Squad Double Cross.
Big Dollar 50 Free Spins on Reel Xtreme.

Pros And cons

Although free spins generally seem like a benefit to any gaming experience, there may be some hidden requirements that can cause stress. Free spin gifted or earned may be on the easier side of wagering, but a free spin received from deposit bonus codes or free spin casino no deposit bonus can be riskier. Wager amounts and times vary, but all act as a burden to the player. Below we will cover some of the potential pros and cons you may encounter:

The Pros Of Free Spin:

  • Earn and play without spending cash
  • Try new slots
  • Set higher bet amounts on your free spins than usual

The Cons Of Free Spin:

  • Wager requirements
  • It may be limited to one specific game
  • Withdrawal limits

Frequently Asked Questions 2021

Most casinos offer a free spin of some sort, whether winning them via playing a game or claiming from a bonus code. Be sure to check out the promotional bonuses section offered by each casino.

Some casinos may allow this, but generally no. The free games will be allocated to specific slots, generally identified in the Ts and Cs.

Some casinos may provide a wager-free casino bonus, meaning there is no amount to be met before cashing out. When claiming, the wager amount and time will be stated.

The number of free games varies depending on the casino bonus you select, or the slots max free wins. You could win anywhere from 50 free slot spins, to a whopping 500. This is neither the minimum nor maximum, just what we have seen.


No matter which way we look at it, there are far more advantages to free spins than issues, with the main being wagering. You can earn cash and play a game without any capital input, as well as try new slots you may have never considered before. You can set your bets to max cash for the chance to win big on no capital input. Slots free spins have always been a fan favorite in the casino industry, allowing players to spin and win without a sign of loss.

Before we end our guide off, we want to leave you with a few tips.

Always read the terms and conditions, allowing you to fully understand the requirements before committing to them. Some casinos only award free games to your account after you hit the wager amount, leaving people at a loss. Know what type of free spins you are receiving, such as a deposit bonus code, or a casino no deposit bonus, or wager free.

Also, consider if the free spins slot game is something you would enjoy. Know whether the slot is highly volatile or low. And make sure the casino you claim free spins from is legitimate.

We hope this guide helped you better understand what free spins are, how they work, and where to find them in 2021. Be sure to check out some of our other casino guides below:


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